Brand Development and Management

Lead Consultant: Larisa Miller and Ricardo Dickerson

Larissa Miller, CEO | PHOENIX GLOBAL
Larisa Miller
Ricardo Dickerson
Camille Trott
Your brand is your identity in the global marketplace. A winning brand and marketing strategy can establish your value to both consumers and stakeholders.

Our team of experts will assist you in aligning brand strategy with business strategy, accelerating personal, professional and product or service based brands.


  • Complete architecture of brand strategy and management
  • Evaluate brand performance against competitors
  • Formulate strategies and measure results
  • Identify key consumer segments, fractures in the market, and strategies for differentiation to support growth
  • Apply mechanisms for influencing consumer behavior
  • Marketing and promotion strategies
  • Defensive strategies for maintaining market share
  • Measure and monitor how competing brands affect your brand
  • Financial and investment structure for brand acceleration
  • Global market expansion