Entrepreneurs & Small Business Consulting

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Recognizing that the future of business belongs to the entrepreneur, Phoenix Global prioritizes the training, consulting and mentorship of business founders and executive teams, as they create, grow, innovate, and capture a unique space in the market.

We work to help founders and leaders create business plans, operational strategies, understand and anticipate market trends, and mitigate risk with strategies for transformation and resiliency.

  •  Assist in the development of business plans, investment decks and proformas
  • Brand creation and development
  • Growth strategies and facilitation of market expansion
  • Marketing strategies/plans, campaign creation and management, and target audience engagement
  • Media engagement
  • Leadership coaching
  • Brand/product optimization and innovation
  • CSR plans and Foundation creation
  • ESG and Sustainability plans to integrate into your business model
  • …and more
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