Sports Consulting

Sports Management

Phoenix Global and Saunders Strategic Advisors (SSA) have formed a dynamic partnership, combining international business acumen with a storied history in athletic excellence to help shape the future of world-class sports organizations, events, facilities, and destinations. Together, we specialize in identifying, acquiring, and developing top talent, ensuring our clients have access to the best resources available in their pursuit of excellence. From advising public and private sector clients on the intricacies of sports management, to providing specialized consulting services to sports clubs and athletes, we tailor our strategies to suit the unique needs of each client, aiming for bespoke outcomes that surpass their expectations.

Our partnership transcends the boundaries of specific sports, as our expertise covers a broad range of athletic disciplines. Guided by a commitment to quality, integrity, and ethical practice, our approach is meticulous and thorough, encompassing every aspect of our clients’ operations. The synergy between Phoenix Global’s business insights and SSA’s unparalleled understanding of athletic performance and training creates a powerful, comprehensive consulting service. Our dual expertise empowers us to not only create winning strategies for our clients but also to ensure they are executed to perfection, positioning our clients at the forefront of their respective sports industries.